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CEO Greetings

"Greetings. I'm the President of Tae Sung Mexico SA de CV, Giyeol Lee. We respect man's life and dignity as our basic ideology. TRUST is our top priority for our client."

Our headquarter Taesung Precision, located in Korea, was founded in 1975, and we have concentrated on precision injection mold production ever since. Range of our products vary from automobile industries to home appliances, basically all types of electronic appliances as such plastic injection molds. With more than 30 years of our experience and knowledge on plastic injection molds, TAESUNG MEXICO SA DE CV, a plastic injection plant was established in Apodaca, Mexico in 2002, and we started our business as one of the main partners of LGEMM in December 2002. With the consistent attempt to improve and develop, our business has expanded over the past decade in the North America region and the efforts continue to become a Global company.

With our company philosophy, “Radical thinking is a defiant pioneering spirit which will create new markets”, all of us are united to put effort on continuous investments and consistent research & development. Likewise, with high efficiency with the basic structure of our perfected technique and new system, we will do our best in maintaining high quality products, continuous investment to be world-widely recognized.